Biju Patnaik Park (Forest Park) The Finest And Biggest Park In Bhubaneswar


Now known as Biju Patnaik Park(Forest Park), the park is one of Bhubaneshwar’s finest and biggest, spread across 7 acres of land. Well maintained lawns are skirted with lots of trees. A musical fountain, a floating mountain and several decorative lamps adorn the park which illuminate it at night transforming the place into a gleaming spectacle. The park draws visitors in large numbers who can be seen walking or jogging, or even taking an evening stroll. Boating facilities in the park are an added attraction especially among children.

Biju Patnaik Park

Located at the centre of the city, this park has turned out to be a favorite spot for morning walkers and children in recent years. Filled with plants, floating mountain, musical fountain, jogging track, children play area, rockeries and rosarium, this park is a perfect gateway to escape the bustling city. Especially in the early morning hours and early evening hours, the serene beauty of the park makes the ambience calm and peaceful.

So, wake up early and take a walk in the park to enjoy the soothing environment of the park.

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