Chacheri Besha, The Deities Are Decorated With This Besha On Each Year


Chacheri Besha, the deities are decorated with This Besha On each year from Phalguna Sukla Dashami to Chaturdasi for five days. This besha commences during mid day. Fist the sandal paste applied on the bodies of deities.

Special quality of cloths namely Bairani & Madhabali etc. are offered to Deities. The deities adorned with four ear rings locally called it “KUNDAL’ and two Tadagis. After that Goddesses namely Sridevi and Bhudevi go to south cabin.

According to old age tradition prevailing all over India, people play with colored powder ( Phagu ) and color-smear friends and relatives. Shree Jagannath is the best representative of the people and He is also shown as sharing the experience of the people by playing with rosy red powder known as Phagu or Abira.

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