Chandan Lagi Besha – The Beautiful Besha Is After Evening Dhupa

Chandan Lagi Besha:

On every day the deities adorned with Chandan lagi Besha efter evening Dhupa ( Supper ), schedule time of this Besha is 10 P.M. The attendants like Puspalakas apply Chandan ( Sandal Paste ) on the body of the deities. During this besha, the other attendant also present with sticks in their hands as a rite and offers betel to the deities.
Chandan Vesha is done for 42 days, every third bright day of the month Vaishakha (April-May) starting from “Akhyatritiya” day. Faring, sandal paste oil on the body of deity and decoration of flowers (Chula, Alaka, and Topar) is known as CHANDAN VESHA.
First 21 days from Akhyatritiya are known as “outer Chandan yatra” and second 21 days are known as “inner chandan yatra”. In first 21 days begining from Akhyatritiya the Lord Madanmohan representative of Lord Jagannath along with Sreedevi (Laxmi) and Bhudevi (Saraswati) assending on Biman, Ram and Kirhsna in a palki along with local Sivas (Jameswar, Loknath, Kapal mochan, Markandeswar and Nilkanth) goes in procession to Narendra Tank for bath and boat journey.
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