Dwutia Osha Or Dwutibahan Osha – The typical Odia Osha

Dwutia Osha Or Dwutibahan Osha used to celebrate the 8th day of Krushna pakhya of Aaswina month is called as “Mula astami”. This festival is mainly women used to do for their sons betterment and to get good sons. The god of this Osha is “Dwutibahan”. This day is celebrated as the birthday of Sun’s son Dwutibahan.

Celebration Of Dwutia Osha:

The festival of Dwutia Osha is the “Festival of Fasting” celebrated in the month of Aaswina. As a custom, women observe this fast for their children.

In Dwutia Osha night there is a puja going on near the village Brindabati. Where all gathering with a full of vegetable buckets. In that bucket all types of vegetables with verity nuts are also available.

And the next day all are preparing a mixed curry with adding all the vegetables, nuts and coconuts. This curry is called “Ghanta Curry” and the is also known as “Ghantia”. This curry can make with onion garlic or without.

That ghanta curry is very tasty to eat and it is a special rituals that all are sending this curry to each others home and to relatives also. And those women are not doing this Osha they are also making this Ghanta and enjoying the taste.

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