Gaon Ku Chala Aviyan of KISS Bahini and KISS Seva Bahini

“Gaon Ku Chala Aviyan” (move to village campaign) of KISS Bahini and KISS Seva Bahini was flagged off from KIIT campus on Wednesday by Agriculture Minister Damodar Rout.

The campaign, which has ‘New Mind, New Dream’ as its slogan, will continue till June 6. As a part of the campaign, students, teachers and staff of KISS will cover the villages of all the 30 districts of Odisha. The members of KISS Bahini will do plantation, adult education, motivate stray children to join schools, clean villages in Swachha Bharat Aviyan, impart training on various life skills and above all make the villagers happy.

KISS Seva Bahini, which has KISS students pursuing medical education in KIMS, KIDS and KINS, is also taking part in the campaign. They will make the villagers aware on health issues and provide tips on personal and community health. More than 2,000 faculty members and staff of KISS and over 1,000 staff of KIIT are participating in the programme.

Like every year, students of KISS take up many social works in their villages during summer vacations in May and June, when they visit their home and stay with parents. During the two-month vacation, they do activities like persuading  stray children to go to school, educating illiterate old villagers, keeping surrounding clean, motivating villagers to make toilet in their houses and training people in life skills. They are trained to do such social works as a part of their social responsibility. They submit a report on their activities after they return back to the campus.

Gaon Ku Chala Aviyan Of KISS Bahini And KISS Seva Bahini Flagged Off From KIIT Campus

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