Internationally Acclaimed Odissi Dancer Saswat Joshi Performed Sambalpuri Dance

Internationally acclaimed Odissi dancer Saswat Joshi performed Sambalpuri dance in front of Eiffel Tower in Paris along with other artistes.

Odisha’s famous Sambalpuri dance goes global again. The troupe enthralled the spectators present at the famous monument in France.

“Being desi Sambalpuria in France.. Well this was again an adventure to perform real sambalpuri dance infront of thousand of audience and again infront of the Eiffel tower. We tried to give a tribute to odisha… With all our heart and soul…..proud to be an odia…Sj (sic),” Saswat Joshi tweeted.

“Proud for my all dancers…loads of effort, loads of hard work…then it was possible…. Mahina Khanum heartfelt thanks to you, avishai i dont know how to give thanks to you…loads of love….celebrated the odisha in france…. (sic),” he expressed.

The female lead of the group – Mahina Khanum – thanked Joshi for the show.

“It was about time we celebrate Odisha in Paris! Thank you to the beautiful dancer Saswat Joshi, our Odia Ambassador!,” Mahima Khanum posted on Facebook.

Sambalpuri in front of Eiffel Tower

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