Jama Lagi Besha Celebrated From Basanta Panchami To Dola Purnima


Jama Lagi Besha from Basanta Panchami(5th day of the bright fortnight in Magha) to Dola Purnima(full moon day of Phalguna), the Deities wear modified winter dress known as Jama(shirt) .

The month of Magha is the period of waning winter. Thus the robes of  Lord Jagannath are changed.

Jama Lagi Besha


All the Jams(shirt) of the Lord are made of silk.The Lord is also bedecked with 30 pieces of gold ornaments and 4 pieces of special woven cloth called Pata measuring 2 yards×11/2 yards.

Sevakas who are specially engaged for this purpose traditionally are called Pushpalaka or Singharis. They know the traditional ways of dress and decorations.

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