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Kaliyadalana Besha – Is Observed On The Day Of Bhadrav Krushna Ekadasi

Kaliyadalana Besha

Kaliyadalana Besha :

Every year this Kaliyadalana Besha is observed on the day of Bhadrav Krushna Ekadasi. This Besha is being celebrated to commemorate how Krushna controlled the proud Kaliya, the multi hooded snake residing in Kalandi, lake at the bank of river Jamuna and forced him to quite the lake along with his family .
As per the Puranic lores, Kaliya, the venomous serpent (Vipor) living on the banks of Yamuna was a source of great danger to  the populace and Krushna had killed it.
A huge snake is built (30 feet) long for the Besha purpose. The hood of the snake placed at the feet of Sri Jagannath at the time Besha . This Besha is continued till completion of Sandhya Dhupa. (evening dhupa).

On the 11th day of dark Bhadraba(Aug-Sept) the Kaliyadalan Vesha is celebrated in Srimandir. In Krishnalila it is narrated that in Dwapar yuga Lord Srikishna had defeated the notorious cobra named “Kaliya” who was living in the water of Yamuna river and saved the villagers of Gopa. Lord JAGANNATH is dressed like Lord Krishna. This vesha is known as Kaliyadalan vesha.

Read about Lord Jagannath’s Chandan Lagi Besha.

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[…] Kaliyadalana Besha – Is Observed On The Day Of Bhadrav Krushna Ekadasi […]


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