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Lingaraj Temple Is The Oldest And Largest Temple of Bhubaneshwar

Lingaraj Temple

Lingaraj Temple:

Location : Bhubaneswar,Odisha

Height : 55 m

Arcitectural Style : Kalinga Architecture

Area : 520 ft by 465 ft (compound wall)

Compound Wall : 7ft 6 inch

Built By : Jajati Keshari

Built in : 11th Century

Dedicated to : Lord Shiva

significance : Self Origineted Lingam

Lingaraj Temple is believed to be the oldest and largest temple of Bhubaneshwar. The temple of Lingaraja is highly revered by the followers of Hinduism. The Lingaraj Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and is said to be known as one of the oldest pilgrimage centers in the city. Located in the midsts of several ancient monuments in Bhubaneswar, the temple sees a large number of religious tourists throughout the year.Bhubaneshwar is also a revered pilgrimage center, referred to in the Bhrama Purana. The Bhrama Purana refers to Bhubaneshwar as the Ekamra Kshetra enshrining a crore Shiva Lingas.

Lingaraj Temple

History about Lingaraj Temple:

The Lingaraja Temple is a 1000 year old structure.The Lingaraja temple is said to have been built first by the ruler Yayati Kesari in the 7th century who shifted his capital from Jaipur to Bhubaneshwar. Bhubaneshwar remained as the Kesari capital, till Nripati Kesari founded Cuttck in the 10th century. Inscriptions from the period of the Kalinga King Anangabhima III from the 13th century are seen here.


The aesthetic sculptures look at their apex in this architectural exhibition. Erected in red sandstone, Lingraj Temple has the stone of the darkest shade. The huge temple complex covers the vast lands of Bhubaneshwar in a stretch. The tall spire of the temple extends to the height of 55 meters and literally, dominates the skyline of Bhubaneshwar. The spacious courtyard comprises 50 small shrines that are dedicated to several Gods of the Hindu pantheon.

About Bindu Sagar Lake:

Legend has it that Shiva revealed to Parvati that Bhubaneshwar – or Ekamra thirtha was a resort favoured by him over Benares. Parvati in the guise of a cowherd woman, decided to look at the city herself. Two demons Kritti and Vasa desired to marry her. She requested them to carry her upon their shoulders, and crushed them under her weight. Shiva, then created the Bindu Saraslake to quench her thirt, and took abode here as Krittivasas or Lingaraja.

The Lingaraj temple in Bhubaneswar is a fine exhibition of divinity and unique structural skills that the city continues to boast of. Every year, the shrine is flocked by ardent devotees of Lord Shiva and enthusiastic tourists.

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