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Nabanka Besha, Lord Jagannath Has Dressed As NAYAK, A Lover Or Beloved

Nabanka Besha


Nabanka Besha is the adornmrnt of the deities which invilves them wearing garlands made up of leaves of the holy nasil plants(Tulsi plant).

Before one day of the topic of Capricorn (Makara) this Nabanka Besha is done alone with rice and flowers festival. At evening time the deities wears huge of Tulasi garlands and tulasichula on head by the help of ‘PaliaSingharis’ and ‘PaliaKhuntia’.

In this Besha Lord Jagannath has dressed as NAYAK, a lover or beloved. The dresses are long cloth with red colored border. It is also folded over the heads of the deities in such an attractive way that the red border frames on their face. This vesha was started by Sri Chatyana at the time of his staying at Puri.

Nabank means nine types or stages of devotion. Hearing of God and repeating the name of God.

Nabanka Besha


Mahalaxmi returns to Shri Mandir, a day before Makar-Sankranti with numerous bhaaras ( loads ) of newly harvested fine rice, curd, cheese, bannas, vegetables, molasses, spices, new clothes, millinery and ornaments gifted by her parents as her annual claims from her father’s house. She reach her lords house, nine times around the temple for a perfect display of all these presents in her trail. This ritual happens at evening period, day before Makra Sankranti, the ritual is called Nabanka Besha.

The next day Makar Sankranti the same rituals happens with eighty four times. She quarrel with Goddess Saraswati for exercising solo authority in the kitchen in her absence. These overbearing & naughty treatments towards Maa Saraswati, she withdraws herself from the kitchen with queen mother ( yasoda ) .

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