Nagarjuna Besha or Parsuram Besha Is One Of The 16 Incarnations Of Lord Jagannath

About Nagarjuna Besha

Nagarjuna Besha or Parsuram Besha is one of the 16 incarnations of Lord Jagannath – The God of the Universe. Nagarjuna besha or Parsuram besha of  Lord Jagannath of Puri is one of the most Important besha ever seen.

This adornment is occasionally done in the month of Kartika (Oct-Nov) and only on those years when there are six days of “Panchuka”.

As per mythological information , this vesha is celebrated in commemoration of killing of Sahashrarjuna by Parsuram or battle between Aurjua and his son Nagarjuna.The deities adorned with golden hands, Legs bids and weapons made of Gold.

The lords are dressed like warriors. This vesha honors Parasurama, the warrior incarnation.This incarnation of Lord was done only six times in the last 30 years.

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