Pralambasura Badha Besha Is Celebrated On Bhadrav Krushna Dwadasi In Every Year


Pralambasura Badha Besha is celebrated on Bhadrav Krushna Dwadasi in every year. It is done on Bhadraba Krushna Dwadasi Tithi (the 12th day of the dark fortnight in Bhadraba).

This Besha focuses primarily on Lord Balabhadra, which makes it different from other beshas which are related to Lord Jagannath.

Pralambasura Badha Besha

This Besha commence after completion of noon Bhoga (Madhyan). This vesha is a memorial to Killing of Demon Pralamba by God Balaram during incarnation of Krushna. It is anticipated that this besha commissioned during 16th century.

This Besha is made on Balavadra only while Jagannath & Subhadra remain in general form.
Lekhani Sebaka.

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