The Raghunath Besha Has Lord Jagannath Dress Up Like Lord Rama


The Raghunath Besha has Lord Jagannath dress up like Lord Rama, who is another incarnation of Lord Vishnu just like Lord Jagannath. This adornment is carried out on the pious occasion of Ram Navmi or the birthday of Lord Rama, which falls on the ninth day of the bright fortnight of Chaitra month in April-May.

Lord Jagannath is an extended form of Lord Vishnu, the chief Lord of the Hindu Vaishnavism. As such all the incarnations of the Lord Vishnu are ascribed to be an image of Lord Jagannath only. In pursuance with this belief, Lord Jagannath adorns the robe of different incarnations of Lord Vishnu.

This Besha looks like the court room of Lord Rama. Unlike other Beshas, several other idols are seen together with Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra. They are- Bharata, Vibhisana, Sushena, Dadhimukha, Nala, Jambavana, Shatrughna, Sugreeva, Angada, Vayumukha, Lakshmana[Balabhadra], Hanuman, Nila, Narada, Indra, Brahma, Kubera, Nairuta, Vashishta, Vamadeva, Jabali, Kashyapa, Katyayana, Sujagyan, Gautama, Vijaya, Vayudeva, Gavaya, Rishabha, Dwividha, Niyuda, and Sumanta.

All these 32 statues are seated on a long throne-like wooden platform temporarily made for the occasion that extends from the Ratna Singhasana to the Kalahata Dwara. Many precious jewelry and ornaments are used to decorate the deities. That’s why this Besha is also called Shringara Besha.

Lord Jagannath, in form of Rama, holds a bow in Veerasana posture adorned with the jewelries. Sugreeva, Jambavana, Nala, Nila, Sushena, Angada, Hanuman, Vibhisana, etc stand near them.

Raghunath Besha is a royal Vesha. The 9th bright day of Baisakha (April-May) which known as Sree Ram Navami, the deities are decorated as Lord Jagannath as Purusottam Lord Ramachandra , Lord Balabhadra as Lord Laxman and Goddess Mahalaxmi as Goddess Sita.

To the left side of Lord Ram Chandra his two brothers Bharat &Satrughan are standed holding umbrella and Chamar (tail of a yak) in there hands. On the right side of Lord Ram stand Lord Balabhadra (Laxman) , Lord Brahma & saint Basistha .On the lap of Lord Jagannath (Purusottam Ram) sits goddess Laxmi with Hanuman standing with folded hand along with his army like Angada with Chamar. Jambaban, Bibhisan, Mala, Mila, Gabaya, Gabakhaya with their hands folded also.

All these status are made of thermocol on the Ratnavedi. Goddess subhadra sits separately decorated pompously with golden ornaments. Such pompously decorated style is known as “RaghunathVesha” (Ram Abhisekh). In this vesha gold, silver, ruby, precious stones etc. are used. so it is called ornamented sentiment of Lord. Since 1905 such Vesha is not conducted in Sri Mandir.

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