In Raja Besha Deities Are Dressed On “Vijaya Dasami”(Dusserah)


 In Raja Besha deities are dressed on ‘Vijaya Dasami'(Dusserah) and sit decorated on ‘Ratna Sinhasan’. On this day, followed by ‘Abakash’ (Teeth brushing and bathing), Sandal paste is brought in 3 silver pots by the ‘Bhandar Mekap'(Servitor in charge of stores). Then the deities are given ‘Sandal” on the whole body. Five nos of garlands are given to the deities. This ‘Besha’ (decoration ) has been observed since the time of king Kapilendra Dev, it is said.

Raja Besha

This ‘Besha'(Decoration) celebrates Lord Jagannath as incarnation of Sri Rama who defeated King Ravan (Demon King) on ‘Dusserah’, being victorious in the war. In this royal “Besha”, bow and arrows are added to show Shree Jagannath as Shree Rama. The ‘Besha’, otherwise described as ‘Pushyabhiseka Besha’ is dedicated to the Ramayan, honoring the sentiment of ‘Devotees’ of Rama.

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