Sadha Besha Is The Normal Costumes Done With Silken Clothes And Flower Garlands


Sadha Besha is the normal costumes of deities which they wear five times in a day, especially after each food offering. This Besha is done with silken clothes and flower garlands. The Lord’s costumes are changed five times a day after each offering of foods / Prasadam made to Him. These five constumes are called the Sadhha Besha. The Besha is done on Lord Jagannath of Puri with Silken costume and garland of flowers.

The colour represents the colour of the planets.

Sunday       –   Red cloth

Monday      –    Whitish cloth decorated with black spots.

Tuesday      –   Cloths mixed with five colours

(Pancharangi) Wednesday –   Sky blue colour cloth.

 Thursday   –   Yellow cloths.

 Friday       –   White cloths.

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