Sambhavana Mohanty – Ollywood Actress basically from Odisha

Name:  Sambhavana Mohanty

Father Name:  Jaya Prakash Mohanty

Mother Name:  Snigdha Mohanty

Marital Status: Unmarried

Profession: Actress

Sambhavana Mohanty

Introduction Of Sambhavana Mohanty:

Sambhavana Mohanty an Odia Actress basically from Odisha. She is the daughter of actress Snigdha Mohanty and Jaya Prakash Mohanty. Sambhavana’s first movie is “Mun Raja Tu Rani” was released in Durga Puja 2013.

Acting Career:

Sambhavana is the emerging actress of ollywood. She is interested in dancing, acting, modeling from her childhood. She is a trained dancer also.

She is completed graduation at Ravenshaw University. Now staying at Hyderabad for higher study.

She started her carrier in odia film “Mun Raja Tu Rani” opposite of Arindam Roy. She has won much appreciation in acting, modelling and dancing.

She is the new but established face in Oriya / Odia Films. Her enchanting smile and simple performance makes her the most promising actress. She ot inspired from her mother Snigdha Mohanty as she is a versatile actress in the Odia film industry.

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