Science Park Is A Collection Of Scientific Instruments And Models For Children


Built in late 1989, the Science Park is a collection of scientific instruments and models for children to learn Science in a fun way. It has a games corner for children and a prehistoric theme park. The Park refreshes your basics and takes you back to your school days. The park has galleries on motion, mathematics, popular Science, a 3D film theatre, taramandal, non-fall bicycle, mobile science exhibition, , prehistoric life park with light & sound system, life science corner.

Science Park

Kids love this parkland museum with its giant dinosaurs and a 30-minute movie screened hourly. Other treats are the hands-on demonstrations of the laws of physics and displays on astronomy and insects. One can enjoy the whole place to himself if not in a group. Its hundreds of working models demonstrate scientific principles, gadgets of everyday use, factories, and natural phenomena. There is a park-cum-play area sprawling over 8 acres of lush green landscape. The park is closed on Mondays.

How to Get There: The Park is located in Acharya Vihar on Pt. Jawaharlal Marg and can be reached  easily from Acharya Vihar side or from the Secretariat side.

Timings – Opening & Closing:

All days of the week except Monday
9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
4:30 PM – 8:00 PM
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