Sraddha Besha Is Observed On 14th Day Of Dark Fortnight Of Margasir Month Or DebaDeepavali


Sraddha Besha is observed on 14th day of dark fortnight of Margasir Month.Also known as the DebaDeepavali, this adornment is sported by the Lord to offer Sradha( annual Post death offering) to His parents in the month of Margasir on three different days.

In accordance with Hindu culture, Sri Jagannath himself offers shradhaTarpan to their parents such as Dasarath(Tretayuga), Nanda(foster father in Dwaparyuga), Basudev (Dwaparyuga). During Shradha Sri Jagannath is decorated with this Besha. On this days He offers light (deepa) to King Indradewimna who built the temple as per legend.

On this occasion Sri Jagannath wears 27 feet long cloth, Balavadra 21 feet long cloth and Subhadra 18 feet long cloth. Their heads are covered with Sirikapada (a special form of cloth). This Besha is observed before chandanlagi (application of sandal paste).

In these days Lord Jagannath wears plain white with small yellow border clothing. The full moon day of the month Margasira is known as ‘PanduPurnima’. At this Sradha time Lord Jagannath wears white silk cloth of 8yds long 1½ yrds wide border with printed pictures in red colour, Lord Balabhadra wears white silk cloth 7 yrds long, 2 yrds wide with black colour border and Goddess Subhadra wear white silk cloth of 6 yrds long, 2 yrds wide with yellow colour border.

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