Tike Anadi Pura Khiladi Odia Film Of Ollywood Actor Karan

Tike Anadi Pura Khiladi Odia film of Ollywood actor and Mun Gandhi Nuhen fame Karan. Director of this film is  “Mo Dil Kahe ilu ilu” Fame Director Loknath Barik. The movie is produced by Priyashree Media & Entertainment Private Limited.

The story of the movie is revolves around a city boy “Karan” who goes to village and fell in love with 3 girls, To get their love he fulfills their wishes but they could not understand his love, finally a girl of his village understood Karan’s unconditional love and fall for him. Will karan get his true love?

Cast and Crew Of Tike Anadi Pura Khiladi :

Film Name –Tike Anadi Pura Khiladi

Banner: Priyashree Media & Entertainment Pvt.Ltd

Director – Musa Barik

Producer – Laxmikant

Starring – Karan,Sanjana, Bubbly, Mihir Das,Bijay Mohanty,Tandra Roy,Asit Pati,Jayram Samal,Rabin Nanda,Pragyan,Gudu.

Dialoge- Ajay Samal

Music – Agniraj kishore

Story & Screenplay – Musa Barik

Lyrics – Nirmal nayak,Arun Mantrijatindra pradhan

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