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September 17, 2019
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Some Tourist Places To Visit In The City Bhubaneswar

Dhauli Hill

The Capital of the Indian State of Orissa, Bhubaneshwar is an ancient city which is mostly preferred by travelers. Here’s the list of the best places you can visit in Bhubaneshwar.

Udayagiri and Khandgiri Caves:

The caves, 6 km from West of Bhubaneswar city centre, were chiseled out for the ascetic Jain monks, also has some inscriptions describing the exploits of king Kharavel.

The part natural and part artificial caves were built around the 1st century BC and the subsequent years by the Chedi Dynasty. The caves contain several Jain temples and monasteries said to have been built by King Kharavela and contains a total of 33 caves. Udayagiri and Khandgiri Caves are again exemplary of some fine stone carving by the Kalinga artisans.

Udayagiri and Khandgiri Caves

Dhauli Hill:

Located at the banks of the Daya River, the Dhauli hill is considered to be the place where the ancient Kalinga war took place.

The edicts of Ashoka describing the ancient war can also be found here along with a rock-cut elephant. After the Kalinga war, King Ashoka was moved by the bloodshed and adopted the teachings of Buddhism and non-violence.

A peace pagoda named the Shanti Stupa was also built here in the 1970s by the Japanese Buddha Sangha and the Kalinga Nippon Buddha Sangha.

Dhauli Hill


About 20 km from city centre is a Zoo and a botanical garden surrounded by dense forest, famous for breeding of various endangered species, safaris and white tigers.

Nandankanan spread across a massive area of 990 acres. It was inaugurated in 1979 and contains portions of the Chandaka Forests and Kanjia Lake.

The Zoo contains several rare and endangered species such as White Tigers, Asiatic Lions, Crocodiles, Indian Pangolin and 34 aquariums that contains several species of fish. Make sure to visit the place on a winter afternoon to get the best out of the place.


Pipli Applique Work:

Pipili a small village enveloped in a blaze of colour, 15 km South of Bhubaneswar, on the highway to Puri, is home of applique work.

The craft originated to serve temples, providing intricately stitched coloured awnings and covers for deities and hangings for festival days, details on the craft.

Pipli Applique Work


Odisha State Museum:

Odisha State Museum was established in 1938 and later moved to a new building in 1960. The museum contains over 10 galleries that contain various antiquities like manuscripts, tools, weapons and armory, scientific tools and natural history etc.

Make sure to visit the museum to know about the history of Orissa and Bhubaneshwar and the several dynasties and kingdoms who have ruled over Orissa since the ancient times.


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