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August 22, 2019

Abhijit Majumdar – Odia Music Composer Biography And Musical Career Journey

Abhijit Majumdar

Abhijit Majumdar Career Journey:

Mostly We know the only modern oriya album’s music director as Abhijit Majumdar. He also composes for oriya films and odia bhajana songs. Most of his composing are with modern thinking and for new generation.

He started his journey as an artist from Sambalpur and introduced to Ollywood industry in Cuttack. After his long struggle he finally got opportunities to compose music. Although he composing almost ten piece of oriya album but all the music are not worked successfully. Finally he decided to return home Sambalpur.

As we know the hard work which is done very sincerely is never worst. Then one of his Bhajana cassette ‘Nadia Rani’ which is produced by Sarthak Music became superhit and very popular not only odisha but in whole country. A song ‘Nadia re lagithau kanta, lo gajamukuta’ composed by him from this album got him recognition.

After that Abhijit made a own style of music and recognized by oriya listeners for his signature style of songs like Tora Krushna Chuda Rangara, Ae Salu, Mausi Ghara bhada Daba Ki etc. He made a modern album for Sartahk Music ‘Prathama Dekha’ which was a big hit.

Abhijit Majumdar

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