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Goddess Ugratara Temple Is Near Bhusandha Pur Of Khordha Dist

Goddess Ugratara Temple

Goddess Ugratara Temple:

Goddess Ugratara Temple is situated at Mulajhargarh, near Bhusandapur in Odisha’s temple district Khordha. Ugra Tara was the presiding and the protecting Goddess of the fort of Mulajhargarh.

The temple is situated just in the border of Chilika Lake near Bhusandapur. Even though in course of time this fort of Odisha has been lost to oblivion, still the Goddess Ugra Tara, then the Deity of the fort, is worshipped by Brahmin priests under Tara mantra and offered cooked vegetarian and non-vegetarian items. This spot is an ideal place for picnic.

Goddess Ugratara Temple

Goddess Ugratara:

The name has been given to mother Tara for her Ugra (fierce) appearance. The sculpture of the Goddess Tara consists four hands with weapons makes the look so fierce. But she is so kind towards her devotees.

This temple and the goddess was established by the King of Ganga Gajapati Dynasty as protecting goddess to the Fort of Mulajhargarh. It is so near to Tangi block, and popularly known as the deity of entire Tangi Block.

With the passage of time and due to unconsciousness the fort has lost its existence but still the Goddess has been worshiped by Brahmin priests.

Goddess Ugratara

Ugratara Is A Beautiful Place To Visit:

The Ugratara is a beautiful place to visit. It is famous as a visiting place for tourists as well as a very good picnic place. The presence of lush green forest and big trees makes this place a lovable spot picnic lovers.

The main attraction of the place is the temple of Mother Tara. The ancient temple was built by The Gangas, so the art and sculptures of the temple depicts that. There is a beautiful garden near the temple. Two ponds are also there at the back of the temple.

One small children’s park is also built near the temple, where children can play during picnic. The place is full of natural beauty. So it attracts most film makers to shoot their film.

How To Reach:

Both rail and bus facilities available to reach the famous place. The nearest railway station is Bhusandhapur railway station, just 3 KM away from the place. It is 55 Km away from Bhubaneswar and 35 Km away from Balugaon. By NH-5 one can easily reach this place.

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