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Megheswar Temple Dedicated To Lord Shiva, Located At Tankapani Road Bhubaneswar

Megheswar Temple

Megheswar Temple:

Megheswar Temple is also dedicated to Lord Shiva, another richly carved temple belonging to the 12th century. Built in Saptaratha style of temple architecture, the temple is decorated with carvings of graceful dancers, animals, birds and flowers.

Located at Pandav Nagar on the Tankapani Road, the temple complex houses two more temples of Bhaskareswar and Brahmeswar, which are equally ornate. The Bhaskareswar Temple is different from all the temples of the State in terms of structural pattern. The temple is raised on a circular platform and a nine-feet-high Shiva Linga is enshrined inside it.

Megheswar Temple

According to an inscription on the premises, the Megheswar along with the water tank near it, came into existence at the instance of Svapnesvara, brother-in-law of the Ganga King Rajaraja during the reign of the latter’s brother Anangabhima (1192-95 AD).

The Brahmeswar Temple on the premises resembles Mukteswar temple as far as the carvings on the walls are concerned. There is depiction of dancers and musicians on the exterior walls of the temple and in the West side of the structure, there are figures of Lord Shiva and Chamunda.

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