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Natural And Safe Methods To Get Glowing And Fair Skin In Just 2 Days

Fair skin

Fair skin! Are you crazy about fair skin? Do you want to get fair skin in just 2 days? At the present time, all the people become very much attentive about their looks. Therefore, they want fair skin or bright complexion. Your skin is the mirror of your beauty and personality. Skin defends you from the element in addition to pollution. All of you want to look fair in 2 days and thus, there are many natural methods which are a smart option rather than using commercial creams.

The natural methods are safe and staying beyond the sun and by means of normal facial masks that carry on your skin as of getting dark. So, in this article I have given some best ways that are useful in getting fair skin in 2 days.

Fair skin



Below we have 12 simple natural tips and ways to get fair skin in 2 days.


Put honey on your face for around 15 minutes. You can also mix honey by curd, lemon or liquorice for receiving soft, light, as well as bright complexion. This remedy is mainly for a combination or some dry skin. Honey replenishes the skin very well and the mixture of curd and lemon has a lot of Vitamin C which can act really well on the skin and make it glow very well. This is a very common skin care and fairness remedy which each one can easily follow at home and then peacefully enjoy the results.



Combine 1 spoon of sugar in the liquid of 1 lemon. Rub on your face along with body till sugar melts totally. This home therapy is very helpful beauty tip for receiving supple and fair skin for over and done with the body. Wash thoroughly. Pat it dry and smear a moisturizer. This is mainly a natural scrubbing treatment. In this one the sugar is what exfoliates the skin and the lemon makes the skin glow. There is citric acid present in the lemon which makes your skin shine. Now after you have massaged your skin till the sugar melts it is very important that you apply a moisturizing cream. This is because the skin till now has lost its moisture and it may turn completely dry if you don’t allow the moisture to penetrate.



You can simply take pieces of banana and mash them and then apply to your face for instant nourishment as well. Make sure that the bananas are soft enough because that makes it even better.Bananas are also known to be very good tonics for both skin and hair as it provides a lot of moisture and shine. Here the milk is for some added nourishment and is especially very good for dry skin or generally during the winter when our skin is dry. You can Prepare a mixture of banana with milk and apply on top of your face, and neck. This method helps to get fair as well as glowing skin in just 2 days.



Baking soda has always been a very good cleansing agent and the soda content is what actually does the wonders. Compose a paste by mixing baking soda plus water. Now for this solution make sure that you are just making a pasty consistency and do not make it runny at all. This is to make sure that the solution sticks to the face and neck well and does not run down in drops. Clean your face by antibacterial soap of face wash. Also you do not need to keep the face smeared till the whole thing becomes rock hard. Smear this paste around 15 minutes on your face. Even if after 15 minutes the paste is a little damp you can rinse it by massaging with little amounts of water. Then rinse with water.



Take Aloe Vera gel and smear this on your face in addition to allow it to dry around 15 to 30 minutes. The Aloe vera contains moisturizing as well as anti-bacterial properties to defend the skin. Aloe Vera not only helps to get fair skin but also avoid skin illness. You can use the aloe vera gel in a lot of other ways and a number of other face packs and beauty treatments. You can also mix aloe vera gel with groundnut powder and then cleanse your face with the same. The gel of Aloe Vera will on the one hand nourish your skin and on the other hand the powder of groundnuts will act as a scrubber to remove all the dirt and black heads from the skin and thus exfoliate it.



Absorb sunflower seeds (chirongi) in uncooked milk during the night, and blend them. Put on by a bit of saffron, plus turmeric. It is one of the best home remedy to make skin fairer and shimmering naturally in condition intended for an extensive time. This is probably the most uncommon of the lot and it is also an expert remedy to get instant fairness. Milk is any way one of the best ingredients for supple and soft skin and turmeric does wonders too. The sun flower seeds in the middle can be called natural scrubbers which help in opening the skin pores by removing the dirt blocking them. In this way the dullness of the skin is gone and your skin starts shining and glowing in just a day. This is a sure shot remedy which you could try.



Rose water possesses a great cleansing property and nourishes along with replenish the face. Blend identical amounts of rose water plus raw milk. Put on to your face prior going to bed at nighttime and left it whole night. In the morning, your skin looks bright as well as radiant. Other than this you can also use rose water in any other face pack if you want. One of the most common is of course the face pack in which you will have to mix some amount of fuller’s earth or multanni mitti which exfoliates the skin very well. Also you can simply use rose water as a normal spray which will act as a very good toner to refresh your skin. It is a very good option to cool your skin especially during the summers.



Mango peels blend with 1 ladle of milk can be smeared on face, plus neck to pass on healthy radiance to your face. This is a very old and an Ayurvedic technique and is very good in all ways. Many of us know the benefits of milk and mango leaves for the hair but here we get to know that mango peels are also very beneficial for the skin especially. There are certain chemicals in the fruit which remain in higher quantities on the skin of the fruit instead of being in the fruit. Now the application of this peel with the green portion up is what should be done for the results.



Take in fruits as well as vegetables in your diet. Frequent eating of fruits and vegetables severely improves the skin’s health. Guavas and papaya are particularly beneficial to strengthen skin cells because it contains Vitamin C-rich foods. A healthy diet is directly related to healthy skin and glowing skin. The fruits which are mentioned in this point are some of the best for both your skin and hair. You should definitely include them in your regular diet and try to munch on them whenever you feel like snacking. These are much healthier than snacking on junk food such as chips, French fries and the like.



Coconut Water also plays an effective to guarantee a healthy as well as bright skin. Smear it two times on a daily basis to obtain fair skin without scars plus blemishes. Stay it for 15 minutes on your face moreover clean it off.

Perform all steps two times a day in morning as well as nighttime. You will observe a glowing and fair skin in just 2 days.


11. WATER:

Have plenty of water. Drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water each day. If your body remains dehydrated, your skin becomes dull. Drinking water helps to recover your skin texture and complexion. Also it is very important that you make sure that the toxins are well released from your body. This is because the more toxins you have in the body your body is more polluted and this will definitely show on your face very well. It is thus important to detoxify and water is no wonder the best possible way to do that in the correct way. If you drink water early in the morning it is the best way to flush out toxins from the body.



Take an adequate amount of sleep. Sleeping for concerning 8 hours all day is a necessity for everyone in order that their skin relaxes plus the skin tone gets fair. Also fatigue and stress is clearly visible on your face especially in the form of dark circles. This makes your skin look dull and your face darker. A good sleep can refresh you like nothing else and you skin will start glowing immediately the next morning. It is thus very important to sleep along with just following the other remedies.


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