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September 17, 2019

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Did Yogic Exercises Amid Rains For Some 15 Minutes

Prime Minister Narendra Modi did yogic exercises

Prime Minister Narendra Modi did yogic exercises amid rains for some 15 minutes on Wednesday as he underlined the importance of yoga in connecting the global community and creating jobs.

Leading the celebrations of the third edition of the International Yoga Day at a rain-drenched Ramabai Amedkar Sthal, Modi said yoga was a path to attain wellness and was akin to a free life insurance.

“There was a time when yoga was confined to sages meditating in the Himalayan caves. But now yoga is becoming a part of people’s daily life not just in India but across the world,” the Prime Minister said in his address to thousands.

The crowd was estimated to be 45,000 strong, slightly less than the 51,000 which was expected, due to heavy rains that lashed Lucknow since morning.

“There are many countries which don’t know our language, are not aware about Indian culture or traditions but they too are practising yoga. Much like it connects the mind with the soul, yoga is playing an important role in connecting the world,” said Modi, dressed in a white track suit.

Modi said since the UN declared June 21 as the International Day for Yoga, awareness about yoga had been rising the world over leading to creation of a new job market.

“In countries across the globe the demand for yoga teachers is rising, creating a new job market. Indians are the most preferred choice,” he said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi did yogic exercises

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